Showcasing Illustration and Photography
by George Silvaney

Showcasing Illustration and Photography
by George Silvaney


My Background


Visual Communication, Illustration and Photography - AAS, Art Institute of Pittsburgh. 

Bachelor in Applied Art from Point Park University, Pittsburgh, PA.

Ten years instructor of Graphic Design and Art History at Pittsburgh Technical Institute. 

My mentors - Flavia Zortia, Angelo Ciotti, and Dr. Sandra Pyle.

Visit my work in person! 

Matted and framed work is available for sale at my studio in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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My traditional mediums are oils, acrylics, and gouache. 

Digitally, I use an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. 

My software of choice lately are Procreate, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Specializing in...

book covers

children's books

technical drawings




A Natural light photo from my Window Portrait Series

Lately, I’ve been working in natural light portraits and street photography.

Most of the former is done in my studio in Powelton Village of Philadelphia, 

and the latter journals my walks around our City of Brotherly Love. 

I’m available for specialized product photography, professional headshots, and commission portraits.

Prints are available for purchase.

For those of you who are into such things;

Gear-wise, I use a Fujifilm XT 10, 18-55mm and 27mm. I also fall back on my iPhone.

As much as practicable, I depend on natural light. I keep the editing to a minimum. 


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